Saturday, 7 March 2015

India’s daughter. 07.03.15

I haven’t watched the documentary. I don’t want to watch the documentary. It’s not just because I’m a huge pussy. Partly it’s because I grew up in a place that, though nowhere near that extreme, displayed attitudes that weren’t all that dissimilar. (Hell, I took to hitchhiking full time as a teen because it was demonstrably safer than public transport at the times and in the places I was frequenting.) I’ve had people say that sort of crap in my face. I don’t feel the need to hear it again on video.

Partly it’s the fact that I can’t take up a knife and punch those people in the face until my arm is too sore. I’d end up punching the wall instead. That doesn’t do any good to anybody.

Mostly, the whole thing enrages me. Not just the event, though that enrages me enough. I live in hope that even if they make it through prison intact, the moment the bastards are released they will get what’s due to them, popular justice-style. And I hope it’s slow and messy. It would still not be enough, but it would be something. I can wait.

The thing that drives me positively up the wall is that this is news. That sort of attitude has been all around for everyone to see for as long as I know. It’s not bloody hard to spot. How DARE they not have seen it? How DARE they wait until an event that horrific to admit that the problem exists? How many women have suffered less extreme but similar fates, for precisely the same reasons, unnoticed and unmentioned, without anyone batting a fucking eyelid? How did everyone manage to look away and close their ears for this long? What the fuck did they think rapists thought about their victims? Why didn’t they listen to them before? HOW DARE THEY NOT HAVE KNOWN? 

I knew. My friends knew. It’s out there and it has been preying on us since we were old enough to have holes someone could fuck (and that doesn't mean double digits for some of us. Think about that.). And now they put it in a documentary and throw it back at me as if it was a newly-discovered monster, and I should suddenly be shocked and aghast?


God's Bastard said...

Post-production notes (now that I've stopped raving):

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the documentary was made; it was needed. I'm glad people are watching it. I'm even glad that they are now trying to pull it, because it shows the extent of the rot.

technogypsy said...

What I found interesting is the person who I found out about it from is one of the most anti-Western bigoted liars I know. She routinely tells people how bad the west is, how good native peoples are, and how it's all the west's fault the world isn't perfect. She also shares with the moderator the opinion that something can be morally repulsive yet okay in another culture as it is culturally accepted. I believe the technically term is amoral hypocrite.

Now I am not a cultural relativist. I believe in absolutes. AND WE HAVE KNOWN OTHER CULTURES CONDONE THIS SHIT FOR CENTURIES! They did too but it was better politically to claim west civ was bad.

God's Bastard said...

Discovered this today. So true:

"A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim."

George Santayana